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When time matters, think Filesense®!

We're a software company that grew out of relationships with numerous law firms around the country which, practice different areas of law. This experience is where we gained first-hand knowledge of the diverse needs of the various law firms, supporting many different software suites. We've found that at the heart of any law firm is its ability to value and sell its time.

Filesense® is entirely online based, works from any internet enabled device, regardless of vendor or operating system all with the newest and most secure technology available.

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Client Management

This module allows you to keep track of all clients at an individual level.

This module allows you to keep track of all clients at an individual level, Rather than having "Bob and Sally Smith" as the "Customer." Filesense takes it a step further and allows Bob Smith and Sally Smith to be unique clients, who can then become associated with one or more projects. These features allow billing and time capture to be far more precise, as the time and work involved is kept track of at single customer.

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Matter & Project Management

This module we use a container called "Projects" to store each invidial case, client associations and it's associated documents.

This module we use the concept of "Projects" these can be thought of as individual folders in a filing cabinet. These projects can contain an unlimited amount of data; multiple clients(s) can become associated with any number projects. The projects are aware of what type of case (the kind of law to apply), regardless if it's Domestic, Bankruptcy, Criminal, Appellate even Supreme Court. It can then apply editable user rules to pre-configure regular events, meetings, document due dates and many other user specified items. There is a unlimited amount of rules you can apply down to the type of law.

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Docketing, Events and Scheduling

This module allows you to keep track of all your personal appointments with clients.

This module allows you to keep track of all your personal appointments with clients, share the responsibility of task, calendaring and scheduling of things like hearings with your staff and other attorneys. These features allow you keep track of the amount of time spent working with your customers, in addition to calendaring we also provide you the ability to schedule events both one-time and reoccurring, these will alert you per your choice of many different alert methods. Options such as to your e-mail address within a particular hour of the day, after hours it could be sent as a text message, or you can set Filesense to be aware you are in a hearing and to tap your Apple Watch.

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Document Management

This module allows you to store all of your files, securely on SAS 70, PCI compliant hardware and software without any worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.

This module allows you to store all customer files, regardless of type such as Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® Acrobat. Also, it works hand in hand with our Pacer & State Exchange API; this allows you to store Pacer or State Court documents and client specific documents which can't be misplaced, put into the wrong network folder or accidently deleted all in the same place which is easy to use, fast and secure. The data encrypted at the point of storage, in transfer to and from your devices at the highest possible levels. We are SAS 70 compliant, PCI compliant, and our servers stay secured at C7 Datacenters, monitored 24/7 and fully insured through /www.thehartford.com/business-insurance/computer-web-it" The Hartford

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Time Capture & Billing

This module allows you to capture all timekeeping, invoicing, billing.

This module allows you to capture all timekeeping. Also, it allows you to do invoicing, billing and even schedule reoccurring invoices. Filesense will also accept online payments from your customers which can be directly paid to your Paypal to avoid expensive credit card processing fees or deposited directly into your bank account.

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Connect with All Devices

Filesense wil run on: Apple OSX®, Microsoft Windows®, Gooogle Chrome OS® and Linux/Unix.

Filesense can be used on any internet enabled device such as: Apple OSX®, Microsoft Windows®, Gooogle Chrome OS® and Linux/Unix. In addition to these desktop based devices all iOS/Android Tablets and Phones will work just the same! As long as your browser supports HTML5 and has the internet, you can seamlessly transfer between devices at the office and start working on your phone or tablet right where you left off.

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E-mail Client

This module is the Filesense e-mail client, works for POP3, IMAP, Exchange and Office365.

This module is our e-mail client, the client works similarly to Microsoft Outlook®, it uses an user-friendly wizard that will attempt to auto-discover your email settings. It will load all of your folders, contact lists and work seamlessly within Filesense to communicate with clients and other employees within the office. You can attach documents from a Project, save documents from an email into a Project or automate and send customer invoices via email. Works with all POP3, IMAP, Exchange, Office365, Hotmail, Gmail and others.

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Pacer & State Court Case Integration

This module allows you to automate document searches, case filing within Pacer & State Court Websites.

This module allows you to search directly file documents with within Pacer (CM/ECF), and State Courts. Filesense keeps track of all Pacer & State Court data for all cases regardless of type, once loaded into Filesense®, any Filesense user can use the documents free of charge, in as many projects as you want. That means if the data can be obtained from an open/free source, Filesense will aggregate and download those case files automatically into its repository without any effort on any users parts. If the document doesn't exist from any free sources, it will check to make sure any Filesense user (from any law firm) hasn't previously downloaded the document(s). If any other users of Filesense have downloaded any of the same documents, Filesense will simply not allow you to re-download them again which would cost you for each page. Because each document stays stored at that moment in time, we know with certainty that if a document has been downloaded previously, there isn't a need to update it ever again. Generally, if there is a mistake, it would simply be added to the docket as a new item.
Filesense also makes it impossible for users to misplace documents which have been paid for, no more costly mistakes forgetting to save the documents and prevents redundant searches for data already contained in Filesense. These features only apply to public information, documents which are private in nature are secured separately and aren't shared outside of your firm unless you email or share the documents yourself.

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Cloud Printing

This module allows you to select from a list of Cloud Printing providers.

This module allows you sign up for one of our partner printing providers. Cloud printing means you will no longer need to stockpile paper, toner, envelopes, and stamps. Paralegals and workers will no longer have to spend hours printing these documents which will free them up to do more important tasks. In addition to printing locally in your office on your printers, this allows you to send motions, notices out to a business who is better suited for the job; it lowers costs dramatically because paper, envelopes, and toner are purchased on a large scale and the savings are passed on to you. It supports different types of service through USPS® such as registered mail, signature confirmation, and tracking; this data is then stored automatically inside of Filesense in the project to which it belongs, it will also alert you when it's been delivered!

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Filesense has brought profound changes in the way we do our work, using the software has lowered costs, made things much easier to collaborate with and best of all integration into Pacer, which is a huge deal for Bankruptcy Law.

Lou Harris The Law Offices Lou G. Harris

Filesense has eliminated the need for laser printers, envelopes, and stamps. Filesense cloud printing has saved a lot of time and dramatically lowered the costs to do business.

Michael Jones Jones Smith & Nielsen Law

Filesense has been a huge time saver, not only does it work on our office computers, but it operates on all of our mobile devices. While we are in court, we can use the native chatting application, file documents, view in real time our appointments, billing, and customer invoices.

Levi Smith Smith & Smith: Family Law & Bankruptcy